Riverside Forests (Riparian Habitat)

The often-forested corridor habitat adjacent to streams and rivers is referred to as riparian habitat. Riparian habitats are the transitional areas between land and water ecosystems, ranging from swift rapids and waterfalls of steep canyons to slow moving water in floodplains. Riparian vegetation is structurally complex and may contain a canopy, subcanopy, and understory layers. Riparian habitat that are located adjacent to or between other valuable bird habitats, such as wetlands, creating connectivity, are particularly important and often rich in biodiversity.

A great photo of a steam-side forested (riparian) habitat along a shallow stream.


Central Valley Riparian Areas

Central Valley riparian areas – land alongside rivers and streams – were severely degraded by the end of the 20th century. Partnerships between landowners, non-profits, and government agencies aimed at restoring and protecting riparian areas have seen success, especially in the last decade.

Central Valley

Meet some of the birds in this habitat!

Credits from left to right: Tom Grey, Tom Grey, Tom Grey, Tom Grey, Robert A Hamilton, Ed Harper