Implementation plans

Since 1990 there have been three iterations of the CVJV Implementation Plan, each building on and expanding the scientific foundations of the Plan as the scope of the Plan 


Implementation Plan

With a  more robust scientific foundation, the 2020 Plan updated the 2006 objectives, added Grassland Birds and At-Risk Birds, and considered the impacts of Climate Change and Human Dimensions. 


Implementation Plan

The 2006 Central Valley Joint Venture Implementation Plan incorporates new information and broadens the scope of conservation activities to include objectives for shorebirds, waterbirds, and riparian songbirds. It brings together research, monitoring data and evaluation from many sources, and represents the combined expertise of a wide range of professionals from conservation organizations, State and Federal agencies, and the private sector. Their knowledge and experience comprise the foundation for this plan.


Implementation Plan

In 1990 the Joint Venture partnership developed its first strategic plan to deliver partnership-based waterfowl conservation. It was very focused on waterfowl, setting objectives for wetland, agricultural lands and water. 

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