Yellow Warbler Yellow Warbler
Photo Credit: Tom Grey

CVJV Structure

Management Board

The Central Valley Joint Venture (CVJV) Management Board is comprised of representatives from the agencies, conservation groups and corporation that form the joint venture partnership. Their purpose is to provide overall leadership, guidance, resources and support for bird habitat conservation within the CVJV administrative boundary. Each member is responsible for ensuring that their agency/organization contributes to the overall goals of the CVJV.

Executive Committee

Purpose: To provide a forum for representatives of the Management Board and CVJV committees to share information in a timely manner, and make recommendations to the full board in between board meetings.

Lands Committee

Purpose: To plan, coordinate, and oversee CVJV protection and restoration activities, in support of those stated objectives in the Implementation Plan.

Legislative Affairs Committee

Purpose: To develop institutional support for CVJV objectives, and to draft and monitor legislation, including appropriations and potential funding bills, which may affect the ability of the CVJV to achieve its mission, and the objectives of the Implementation Plan.

Technical Committee

Purpose: To provide broad scientific support to the CVJV, including monitoring, evaluation, and research, in order to strengthen the biological foundation for the CVJV to achieve its mission.

Water Committee

Purpose: To plan, coordinate, and oversee the implementation of the CVJV’s water objectives, especially as they relate to public and private wetland water supplies in the Central Valley.


The CVJV partnership has earned an impressive record of accomplishment since its inception in 1988, and is making great progress towards meeting the objectives identified in its 2020 Implementation Plan.