Flock of Dunlin with one gull in a shallow wetland. Dawn lighting.

A Fighting Chance

The Klamath Basin on the California-Oregon border has historically been home to a vast array of interconnected wetlands. These wetlands have long provided vital benefits for nature and people, ranging from water storage and filtration, flood protection, carbon storage, and important refuge for a diverse array of birds and other wildlife species. Over time, however, these wetlands have almost entirely been lost through damming and draining.

We are excited to share “A Fighting Chance,” a short film that answers key questions about why conserving and restoring wetlands is so important, what we can learn from the birds that depend on them, and how local communities can be part of the conservation solution.

Produced by the Migratory Bird Conservation Partnership. For more information and to get involved, please visit: www.PointBlue.org/KlamathWetlands.